Consulting & Marketing Services

In our consulting practice at Jacobson Brands, we optimize business processes to increase efficiencies and throughput to achieve greater output with less effort. When consistently implemented, this methodology always results in increased profit and lower cost for our clients.

We create this reality through systematic observation, interaction, analysis, innovative use of tools, documentation of processes, and training.


Process Improvement
Business Management, Business Development, Sales & Marketing process analysis, recommendations and custom implementation of proposed changes, which improves efficiency and profit margin

Upward Trend Sales ChartCustom CRM Configuration & Training using SmartSalesAdmin
Unconventional but effective CRM adaptation, coupled with intelligent sales administrative assistance, so sales reps can focus on selling

Shake my hand 
Partner & Referral Programs for Distributors &/or Resellers
Development & nurturing of Strategic Partner relationships and programs to maximize sales through secondary channels

Exhibit BoothEvent Marketing
Strategic conception, design and tactical execution of event marketing plans, to deliver predictable and profitable results from participation in trade shows and conferences

Fractional COO 
Fractional COO
Part-time, outsourced Operational Process Management, Vision & Direction to direct and manage business operations at a fraction of the cost

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