Event Marketing

When exhibiting and sponsoring in face-to-face marketing events, you want to begin with an answer to these questions:

  1. When the event is over, how will you know it was successful and worth the time, energy and resources you put into it?
  2. How will you quantitatively measure the results to determine this?

Uptrend - NutsWe can help.

We have over 30 years experience producing trade shows and conferences and helping our clients participate profitably in them.

We can assist clients both in launching and managing their own events, or participating as a sponsor, exhibitor or speaker in a third-party event.

Dscoop Phoenix March 2017 Silicon Publishing TeamCASE STUDY: SILICON PUBLISHING AT DSCOOP PHOENIX 2017
Learn how we delivered 56 high quality leads for Silicon Publishing, Inc. when they exhibited in the Dscoop show in Phoenix in March, 2017.
Download Silicon Publishing Dscoop Case Study PDF
View Sept 2017 Exhibitor Magazine Article about Case Study

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