Process Improvement

Jacobson Brands provides consulting & implementation of custom-tailored Sales, Marketing & Business Process solutions to SMBs and start-ups.

Many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have grown organically over the years, and still have legacy systems and processes in place that simply haven’t scaled well. Some may just need a minor tune-up, while others could use a major overhaul – or somewhere in between.

When your processes are vague or inefficient, your results and profits suffer, along with team morale and customer service.

We help businesses get more done with less effort, which decreases cost, increases profits, and makes for a happy work environment and customer experience.

We do this by…

  1. Understanding the business use case, the roles involved, and the desired process and outcomes (the end results)
  2. Analyzing the existing workflow (the starting point)
  3. Outlining and implementing an easy-to-follow roadmap – to transition you from where you are now, to where you want to be

Our approach focuses on adapting the tools to fit the desired workflow of the client instead of making the client adjust to the limitations of the tools.

We clean up the mess, and train you for success.™

Silicon Publishing Logo“Chris started working with us about a year ago, and now we find our sales and lead management processes completely transformed. Thanks to Jacobson Brands, we have an exponentially larger sales pipeline and a systematic approach to managing prospective customers in which we no longer abandon leads or pass by opportunities.”
– Max Dunn, President & Co-Founder, Silicon Publishing

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